Life is a voyage that's homeward bound- Herman Melville

White Whale Slime is an artisanal batch-made sensory product. Texture, scent, sound, and aesthetic are all considered to create a unique experience. Every flavor is designed to calm, inspire, and revitalize the senses.

The white whale, the sea, long walks through autumn leaves, beautiful Parisian pastries, and favorite childhood memories are a few of the inspirations.

The name is derived from Moby Dick and the lifelong quest. In this case, to always be learning, playing, and experiencing this world.

White Whale Slime is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Age is an energy- may you stay forever young!

About the Founder


Chrissy Fitzgerald started White Whale Slime in early 2018- the culmination of months of testing slime recipes in an effort to relax at the end of the day. 

After a decade of working in fashion in NYC, she returned to her home state of Maryland and went on to run a clothing consignment shop, design a silk dress line, and work for real estate lawyers. None of those things quite "fit."

Slime was a serendipitous and playful discovery. The shoe fit! She fell in love- a sensory blob is the ultimate form of abstract art and is accessible by all. It took off quickly and now here we are!