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Wow, what a crazy year 2018 has been! Where to start?

First off, I’m so happy for a new year. I love fresh starts, I love setting intentions, and I love that so many others are in a similar frame of mind.

One short year ago, White Whale Slime didn’t even exist. There was no Instagram account, no intention to start one (though I rolled it out mid-January but only little experiments- no shop), and NO IDEA that this would become a brand and a business and a source of creative joy for myself and others.

I WAS making slime every night. For months. To relax myself. To use my hands. To create “abstract art” after suffering from both writer’s block and an inability to pick up a paint brush.

I had left New York completely, closed my shop, said good bye to fashion.. now what? I was working odd jobs and not sure what was next.

Some years are questions, and some years are answers. My 2016 and 2017 were only questions. I’m sure there were some answers in there, I just couldn’t see them yet. Last year was when I started to put pieces together.

I started my shop around the first day of spring. I remember because it was Nowruz (persian new year) and I made Rosewater Persian Baklava (the slime version) to celebrate. I offered eight flavors during my first sale. My first run, I think I sold around 30 slimes? I was shocked and humbled- many of my customers were locals who just wanted to support me. Not “slimers.”

And bit by bit, everything grew til one day it was my business and my job. It just made sense.

Actually, I made this process sound very slow. This took a couple of months. Faster than most of my previous projects, but I think it’s because I was building up to this moment for decades. I’ve already put in the time, for years.

The elusive white whale is from Moby Dick. This thing we spend our lives chasing. Even to our detriment and destruction. For me, it’s always been about harnessing my creative voice. The form has never mattered a whole lot to me. For years, it was fashion. As a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina. Then a landscape architect due to an obsession with plants. Then this brief stint where I wanted to sculpt and make fine porcelain dolls.

But making things was the true constant. The proverbial North Star.

In many ways, slime is so perfect for me it’s absurd. I can draw inspiration anywhere. It can be a literary cookie, an obscure movie, a feeling that I want to capture… low brow or high brow can mingle and it’s just more fun for it. There’s so much freedom. I love freedom.

Thank you so much for all of your support! Some say slime is a fad but I find its values to be so timeless- play, creation, and staying present. Very relevant right now. Zeitgeist, maybe!