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Time to make lists- who doesn’t love a list?

These aren’t exactly resolutions or goals, just things I’m thinking about and would like to try out. Less pressure and stress to allow yourself to grow in the direction that you’re meant. So, the word intention sounded better to me!

  1. Start a monthly or bi-weekly email newsletter for my slime and assorted projects.

  2. Attend at least one slime event this year! I’m looking at Slime Expo DC and SlimeGanza right now as they are both within 2 hours of my home, and I’d like to have a few events under my belt before I travel further.

  3. Film more often! Little experiments, my own slime, trades/reviews/purchases from others in the community, ASMR (especially sponges!)

  4. Be more active in the slime community while also limiting social media consumption, if that makes sense. More engagement, less mindless scrolling. Do more trades, giveaways, and commenting on others feeds.

  5. Write on here somewhat regularly, about anything.

  6. Pick up the paint brush again and start to add art to my site! I already have a few ideas.

  7. Do an artist collaboration with my slime.

  8. Get a few press mentions or write-ups.

  9. Organize my slime supplies- especially my scents!

  10. Look into adding Paypal to my site and a few logistical details that could help me grow. The boring (but necessary) tasks!

  11. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Slime and art are meant to be fun, and sometimes the best ideas catch you off guard.

  12. Start up Accupuncture again.

  13. Drink bone broth regularly- it’s very good for healing.

  14. Do a mild 3 day kitchari Ayurvedic cleanse. Panchakarma is very intense (and often done in hospitals) but I want to try a very gentle version. This talk is also nice- I listen to way too many!

  15. Work on my personal brand a bit more, and reach out to local businesses and connections to strengthen my role in the community. I’ve put this on the back burner and want to transform it to something that excites me again.

  16. Finally do the KonMari clean of my home. Purge and put things in their proper place.

  17. Try out a new craft! Maybe wood carving, ceramics, making charms, candle making- just something I’ve never done before!

  18. Meditate, pray, and lie on my Spoonk every day.

  19. Start expressing myself through style again. Get excited about fashion- that used to be my industry! I worked in NYC for almost a decade and then started a shop and fashion line (Navette) with my sister.

  20. Visit the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania.

  21. Cook Persian food for myself and my friends a few times this year- especially fesenjun and persian baklava.

  22. Be present in my daily life- with myself, with my relationship with God, with my loved ones, and with my creative pursuits. We only have now.

  23. Start an herb garden. Definitely basil, cilantro, and rosemary. Hopefully those varietals don’t die too easily.

  24. Take a weekly salt bath and dry brush daily. Detox.

  25. Support artists I admire and buy their creations.

  26. Be a light source when someone is going through a dark time- remember my own power and throw them a lifeline! I am very sensitive and an energetic sponge, so I need to always remember this. It’s too easy for me to take on other people’s moods.

  27. Eat almond croissants and pain au chocolats more frequently.

  28. Long Walks! Yoga! Running! Stretching! Dancing! Just move my body.

  29. Get on the water. I live near the Chesapeake Bay and I’m surrounded by sailboats.

  30. Go on a vacation. Not sure where, don’t exactly care. Whatever fits my mood and budget at the time. California, Austin, a roadtrip, Hawaii, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Nepal, Bali, etc.

  31. Be kinder to myself. Try to stay out of a judgmental frame of mind.

  32. Take more photos of myself. I don’t have any from the past couple of years, odd as that sounds.

  33. Think about the “why” behind all of my actions- make sure it aligns with my purpose and mission in this world.

  34. Visit my friends in NYC (I lived there for a decade.) Wander around Chinatown, the Met, my old Brooklyn neighborhoods. I’m not sure exactly what I miss, but I miss something. The essence, the energy, the skyline from the Williamsburg bridge at night. I don’t miss “the rat race.”

  35. Have more fun. Haha.

  36. Balance sharing my world with keeping some things private and close to the heart so that they can bloom.

  37. Make a galette with the Chez Panisse crust.

  38. Spend more time in the city, spend more time in the country.

  39. Practice daily gratitude- write things out. Make vision boards.

  40. Root chakra! Ground myself. Clean my room. Slay my dragons.