Why are some items sold out?

My shop opens up weekly or bimonthly for a few days, and then I make to order! Everything ships out in approximately 1-2 weeks. 

I announce my restock times on my Instagram page- currently I open on Sunday or Monday evenings.

I do not offer all the flavors at once so if you see one you like, be sure to grab it then. Some are very rare.

Slime may still sell out as some ingredients have a longer lead-time.

What ingredients are in slime?

Slime is a mixture of PVA glue, a diluted borax solution, skin safe fragrance oil, lotions and carrier oils, soft clay such as Daiso, instant snow, food coloring and paints, and small beads and glitter.

Do not handle if you are allergic to these materials!

Can I eat slime?

No. It may look and smell edible, but you can not eat. Please store in a place that pets and small children can not access.

When will my order arrive?

Special Note: due to increased holiday demand, your order may ship in 1.5-2.5 weeks. Please order early if you’d like something to arrive before Christmas!

I ship in approximately 1-2 weeks after the order is placed. Once the order is shipped, domestic orders should arrive in 2-3 days!

I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages- please be careful when entering your shipping address, and include apartment numbers.

What will come in my package?

You will receive your slime, as well as care instructions, half a teaspoon of borax, and a piece of candy.

Larger orders may receive more "extras."

My slime is sticky- what should I do?

Mix the included borax (1/2 tsp) with 1 cup of warm or hot water until it fully dissolves. This will form a gentle slime activator solution. Add a few drops at a time so that your slime doesn't become hard and rubbery.

If you are familiar with activating slime, you can create a regular activator solution by mixing the borax with 1/2 cup of water.

I strongly recommend testing with a one finger poke before you go in with your whole hand.

You may need to regularly reactivate your slime. This solution can be stored in a labeled closed container so that you always have it on hand.

My slime is hard or rubbery- what should I do?

If slime is too hard, lightly spritz with hot water, knead with your hands, add a pump of unscented lotion (for white glue slimes only- it will cloud clear slimes), and/or rest in the sun for a few minutes.

It will need to be warmed up but do not microwave!

How long does slime last?

Slime is not meant to last forever, but it can last a few months with proper care. Some types of slime are more durable than others.

Please keep out of direct sunlight and heat, and always wash hands before play. You do not want to introduce bacteria to your slime.

There will always be some deflation and foam beads may shrink a bit with time and pressure. Floams are more prone to shrinkage than other types of slime.

If you'd like to play slime doctor, you can add a touch of base (plain clear or white glue slime), or a tiny bit of Daiso to a butter slime to add some extra mass.

Playing with slime regularly helps ensure that everything stays mixed together- separation can occur otherwise.

What ages can play with slime?

I recommend slime to ages 10 and up. It's loved by children and adults!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I'm sorry but I don't. Due to its custom nature, all sales are final. Please contact me if there's an issue with your order.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment. Perhaps in the future!