A creamy and glossy slime, scented like the name, and topped with foam pieces and beads. Small cherry hidden inside!

Price is for 6 oz by volume- not weight- in a cute plastic jar.

All slime is batch-made to order, so there is a processing time.

Please read before purchase:

For ages 10 and up. Slime is NOT edible- please keep away from small children and pets!

I strive to ship all orders in 7-10 business days, but will note if there's a delay in processing times. Always double check your address during checkout- I'm not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Due to varying weather conditions and time in transit, slime may arrive sticky or too hard. Both situations are easily fixed.

If slime is too sticky, mix the included borax (1/2 tsp) with 1 cup of warm or hot water until it fully dissolves. This will form a gentle slime activator solution. Add a few drops at a time so that your slime doesn't become hard and rubbery. You may need to regularly reactivate your slime. 

If slime is too hard, lightly spritz with hot water, knead with your hands, add a pump of unscented lotion (for white glue slimes only- it will cloud clear slimes), and/or rest in the sun for a few minutes. It will need to be warmed up but do not microwave!

More tips on my FAQ page. Although slime is not meant to last forever, with proper love and care, it will thrive. 

Always wash hands before play. A clean, non-porous table is best.

Slime contains ingredients such as PVA glue, borax, skin safe fragrance oil, lotions and carrier oils, soft clay such as Daiso, instant snow, food coloring and paints, and small beads and glitter. Do not handle if you are allergic to these materials!

Slime is a hand-crafted and artisinal toy with lots of interesting elements. Because of this and the consumable aspect of the product, all sales are final.

Shipping within the United States only (for now!)

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